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If you do see any Menu Pages that are blank please wait. I am still currently trying work on adding more things to this website. 

If you have a question(S) about something you would like to ask and have me write about then please email it to me at I will be accepting questions for my website that relate to Satanism, Witchcraft, Exposing Christianity, Magick, Rituals, Spells, and etc.

  • 12/31/17 | I WILL BE WORKING ON RE-EDITING  “LEARNING THE TRUTH ABOUT SATANISM AND CHRISTIANITY”. I need the time to think about how I will put it together. 
  • 3/15/18 | I will be working on adding more stuff along with the Medieval Info. 

    Also, keep on checking the Recent Posts. I am trying to add more but I just need the time since I do have a busy life. Remember to look through my website to learn about Satanism and about exposing christianity if you new to the website. If you are new then that is great! Knowledge is wonderful. Knowledge is power.
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False in Christianity
On this website I will teach you a lot of the lies from Christianity,  about the lies in the Holy Bible and, also about Christians stealing the holidays from Pagans and changing them around. I will also be exposing much about Christianity and what they did during the Medieval Times. Christianity is a very Barbarous Religious Cult.

I am here to teach about Satanism. I want you to be saved from the Bondage and Slavery of God. Be set free if you must! Do not let God take control of you.

What I see Lucifer as: 
– The God of Liberation
– The one who is the Truth and the Light
– A God
– A human who is like us
– The one who I praise
– A teacher
– A protector
– A father


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